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Home Stay


Save for a deposit sooner!


Ever thought about travelling the world and mingling with different cultures? How about getting that experience in your own home and getting paid for it! By taking on a student, you  learn about their culture and earn about $300 a week.

Home Addressed offers you another opportunity to save for a deposit or help pay off your mortgage sooner and the good news is that the Australian Tax Office has deemed the money made from homestay as non assessable income!

Go to this link for ATO Ruling On Homestay.





Advanced options

 Read what Oliver has to say about Home Stay.

Guide to prices

  • Full Board: $295.00 each student per week (Over 18 years) 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Full Board: $335.00 each student per week (Under 18 years) 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
  • Manage Your Account: edit details/receive notification of new student
  • Place an ad (Host)
  • Place an ad (student)
  • Success Stories
  • 10 Tips For A Fun Homestay 
  • Ebook: Handy Tips For Home Stay Hosts including a Welcome Meal recipe $4.99. 

Beware of Fraud

Unfortunately, opportunistic human beings will always endeavour to con you out of your hard earned money by elaborate schemes. Homestay is no exception so please be on your guard. If you are contacted by someone who gives you a story about how their boss is sponsoring his/her trip and can only pay by cheque or Western Union…beware! Alarm bells should be sounding. The practice with this scheme is that they will send an overpayment and then give some excuse why their flight has been delayed. They will ask you for a portion to be returned to them. You give them what they ask and then discover that their cheque bounces. You have been done out of your money! There are variations on this but this is the gist. Ask them to PayPal the money…this should determine quick smart if they are genuine or not. Protect yourself and do not give bank account details or personal info. Most applicants are genuine and it is a rewarding experience but it pays to be cautious and well informed about such issues.

Be cautious of e-mails asking you to provide confidential and financial information:

  • Never send funds for "overpayments";
  • Cons often win trust by sending you what looks like a real cheque. They may ask you to cash it and return all or a portion of it to them to cover fees or an overpayment. The cheque will invariably bounce, and you'll be up for the money.


For Hosts:

What a wonderful way to learn about another culture and get paid for it...read more.

For Students:

This is a practical way to live and study in another country...read more.

Please Note

Home Addressed can directly organise a homestay for you if you are a student. We will screen your homestay family and offer tips on how to enjoy your homestay and what to expect. We can also assist hosts who would like to contact a student directly.

We have an E-book if you are hosting a student that may help you make your student's stay pleasant and productive. You may purchase for $4-95 to assist you with some very helpful tips and suggestions on managing a homestay

If you do not require our assistance and wish to contact students or hosts directly, then understand that you must carry out your own due diligence. It is a requirement by law that you obtain your Working With Children Check. Home Addressed will not vouch for either host or student if contacted directly via this site.  Please beware of fraud...read our tips to avoid falling victim to the scams that may be out there!