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Another door to your future is about to open, the door to housesitting. Welcome to the world of house portability.


Imagine living anywhere you fancy for weeks, months even years at a time and not having to pay a cent towards it! In exchange you are entrusted to care for the owner’s house, garden and pets if there are any.

This is a fabulous way to save madly for a deposit which you can then put towards your own home…. and co buy to fast track your way into the housing market.

Take a peek into this door, register, it’s free, then contact suitable owners to start your housesitting experience.



Advanced options

Home Owner Info

Go on holidays or work overseas or in another State and have you pets, garden and house looked after and occupied. This is a way of removing the stress of worrying about how your house is faring. Your pets will be cared for in their own environment. Think of all the kennel/cattery fees you’ll save! Come back to a maintained garden…a win win!

Formalise the arrangement with an agreement. Register as either housesitter or house owner and receive a free housesitting agreement...on us!

I have registered, please send me a free housesitting agreement

You are just one click away from your new home.   REGISTRATION IS FREE!

Send a free Opportunity Knock to alert your contact that you wish to communicate, once they accept the following charges apply.

  • 1 Year - $65.00
  • 6 Months - $49.90
  • 3 Months - $34.90
  • 30 Days - $29.90
  • 10 Days - $19.90