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My Letter To Tony Abbott.

February 02, 2015

Dear PM,

WTF is going on with our country???? I am so sick of reading about how another investor has purchased yet more of our precious soil. This is what I found today:

Daydream Island sold by Vaughan Bullivant to Chinese buyers
With the low dollar and strong growth in the Chinese inbound market, the resort is the latest sale after Lindeman Island sold to Chinese buyers Whitehorse in 2012.

How will a slowing Chinese economy impact our property markets?
According to AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver, the state of China's economy will impact Australian national income.

The McWilliam family has sold three vineyards across New South Wales and South Australia to Hong Kong-listed group CK Life Sciences. The family’s wine tradition started in 1877, when founder Samuel planted the first vines. It marks the return of our regular rural focus, every Monday.

I am in no way racist or unrealistic in asking that we do not sell to foreign buyers but my God, I fear for our future when 1 in 3 properties are being sold to o/s investors. Put a stop to this, slow it down or do something before our way of life is completely undermined by another ruling culture, one who has money and many, many citizens eager to get a slice of our country. I host Chinese students and I have an insight into what's happening with their attitude towards Australia. They are keen to move or invest here and will pay whatever stupid price they need to in order to succeed. Our citizens don't stand a chance. How can you call yourself a government? Are you a puppet, doing their bidding or are you actually invested in our welfare?
This is becoming an increasing concern with many Australians. If you really want to win back support, just do the right thing by your country and its people and PROTECT IT. I voted for you and I have been a Labour voter my entire life. I would like you to consider representing me, a not very important citizen who was born and bred in this country, who has worked, paid taxes and contributed to its society. I don't believe that putting the developers' needs before those of ordinary people, is going to serve this country well. Look around, a zillion apartments that look like stacked boxes, ugly, rushed, caching caching, some are Chinese developers who are coming in, building and then selling to their own...bugger us, we might get the leftovers if we can afford it.

I used to think Pauline Hanson was an extremist but I am seriously going to vote for her when she makes her comeback. Only your policies can protect our country. Please act before we become second class citizens in our own land. I now understand how the Aboriginals must feel.