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Vendor Finance...another way in!

Vendor finance is a way to bypass the banks and that sounds like a plan these days!

Aug 11
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How FHB Can Tackle The Biggies: Finance and Emotion When It Comes To Buying A House

Bessie Hassan money expert from finder.com.au discusses some pointers

Feb 21
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The media is running this circus and we are all lining up for tickets! Beware!

Jun 19
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Home Ownership Is Only A Blind Date Away!

At last, a speed dating event just for first home buyers. Meet your perfect co-buddy match.

Apr 11
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Live Event

We are gearing up for a live event this April. It will be lots of fun and seriously beneficial for FHB.

Jan 29
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Affordable House and Land Packages plus an EXTRA BONUS for FHB

Grab a piece of Geelong for $1K deposit. FHB score $20K FHOG plus $1K from Home Addressed

Sep 04
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The Sad Reality Of The Great Aussie House Auction

Watch this clip, it's amusing but has a sobering sting to it, especially for first home buyers.

Jul 02
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A Glimmer Of Hope For FHB

The federal government hints at a plan that might actually help first home buyers...

Apr 30
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Vic Govt Finally Comes To The Party! FHB invited.

The first FHB shake up in many years. Let's see how this will help you to buy your home.

Mar 06
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Scary House Prices...the end of a dream...or is it?

What's with these house prices? Many are shut out of the possibility of owning a home. Is there a way in?

Nov 06
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