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What's Happening In Canada?

What's Happening In Canada?: February 02, 2019

Dear Readers,


Recently I spent some time in Toronto, Canada. I was fortunate to meet with my co-buying counterpart, Lesli Gaynor. Lesli runs a co-buying company in Toronto, GOCO and is helping lots of people with strategies to enter the housing market. Toronto is reflective of Melbourne and Sydney, house prices are expensive, young people struggle to get their first place and the foreign buyers have contributed to the market upsurge.


The more Lesli and I talked, the more we realised the startling similarities, even with the tighter lending criteria that banks are imposing. I think they just learn from each other! What was apparent to both of us was that it is practically impossible for young people or people starting over again to get that foot in the housing market.  We have been hard at work on opposite sides of the globe pushing our 'buy together' message simply because co-ownership is a brilliant strategy that overcomes so many of the hurdles, you just have to safeguard yourself with a contract!

It was so great meeting with Lesli. We have promised to work with each other and who knows what could come from it!



This is a pic of Lesli and I...a meeting of the minds!

We get it, so should you!!!!