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Generation Screwed?

Generation Screwed?: April 21, 2020


Reading this I initially felt the pain of this millennial author. Life is tough, goals are seemingly unreachable, the future is bleak. This is the recurring theme plastered all the way through this piece. Yes, I agree, life is tough, it's also tough if you aren't a millennial. When I started out, I bunked with my parents till I could afford a place of my own. I worked hard, put a savings plan in order, got educated about the future I wanted to have and just went for it. There wasn't a lot of time to point the finger at preceeding generations...apparently everything wrong in this world is directly attributable to the baby boomers. My philosophy in life is to just get on with it; be constructive and focused, forget about blame, this consumes and wastes your resources. Open your mind millennials, there are still opportunities to be seized. Those of you wanting to get your own home, don't wallow and succumb to the defeatist view pedalled by the media. Find new angles, smart ways, clever strategies that will get you to where you want to go. Be proactive not reactive...fluid, not static, flexible not unyielding, open not closed.

Having said this, how many of you are willing to delay your gratification to get what you want? How many of you would risk a new idea when those around you tell you 'don't do it', 'you're crazy', 'you'll be sorry!'?

For those of you who are willing to risk, willing to try, willing to meet your challenges with a snub of the nose and air of defiance, then your path is assured. Welcome to your alternative future.

Want to get your own place? ...CO BUYING, try it...let others help you, let yourself help others, work together, strive together, succeed together!

Millennials and up and coming gens...become resourceful and don't take no for an answer. It is so possible to own a home but those who would rather whine, blame and remain indifferent, then you will never know what your alternative future could have looked like, the future that could have brought you bounty, stability, and the satisfaction of realising your ambitions.

Di Ferrara...a baby boomer who doesn't feel guilty...