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Home Addressed Giving Away $2K in the month of Oct. Book your free 30 minutes consultation today!

Home Addressed Giving Away $2K in the month of Oct. Book your free 30 minutes consultation today!: September 29, 2017

First Home Buyer, Property Co-ownership And Lots Of Opportunities.

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Who said you can’t afford to buy your own house in Australia? Yes, probably true if you are starting out or starting over…true, until Home Addressed hit your browsers and flipped that idea on its head.

Home Addressed offers prospective home co-buyers the opportunity to meet online, team up with a co-buyer partner and make a joint purchase on a house; much like a dating site…but without the romance!

Not only does Home Addressed provide an extensive list of services like a specialised co-buyer contract (an absolute must!) but there are several avenues on the site all leading to practical ways of making money or finding future co-buyers to reach the ultimate goal of saving for a deposit and then buying a house. These other services include: Co-tenancy, Housesitting, Homestay and Real Estate…with a twist!

Home Addressed has been designed with the average Aussie in mind who finds him or herself priced out of the housing market and feeling that they will never get a foot in that real estate door.

We want to provide a real, tangible mechanism to wedge the door open for people who have given up on buying their own home.

Home Addressed will make a real difference to the lives of many who are staring at the dream of home ownership through a pair of binoculars. Now this goal will be clearly in their sights and firmly in their grasp.

To add a buying incentive, Home Addressed has teamed up with a building company to offer exclusive great deals for our co-buyers. So grab a partner and contact Home Addressed for a strategy meeting. We'll talk you through the steps and put you in touch with all the right people to see you end up with your first house!

Home Addressed will kick in an extra $2K for the month of October if you buy one of our properties

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