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How Can We Help You? Let Us Count The Ways...

May 30, 2014

Home Addressed is a unique website offering you a stepping stone into home ownership. If you have given up the dream of owning your own home then listen closely to how you can reclaim it…The Home Addressed strategies and tools will fast track you into home ownership even if you think it’s hopeless.


Look at what we offer at Home Addressed:


Home Co-ownership

where people pool their financial resources and knowledge and buy a house together. This is a think outside the box strategy and very powerful. You can find a co buying buddy or investor on the site.


  • Co-tenancy

where you rent together with the mindset of becoming future cobuying partners


  • Homestay

where you can host a student and be paid tax free income on a weekly basis


  • Housesitting

where you look after someone’s house rent free! All brilliant ways to save for your deposit.


  •  Real estate with a twist

different ways of buying property that don’t depend on banks!


The site is packed with information:,

  • webinars,
  • videos,
  • tips and loads more.

You can even buy a co-buyers contract for a fraction of the price charged by a lawyer. It is always wise to have a contract when co-buying!


Register now! It’s free!


Come on, go from renter to homeowner with Home Addressed. Sign up for our free webinar and find out how!