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Welcome! You have just opened the door to your future.

Co-ownership is all about teaming up with someone, pooling your buying resources and taking the plunge into home ownership. It gives you a greater opportunity to buy a better home in a better location and start creating some real wealth for yourself.


Home Addressed has created the perfect platform for you to find your co-buying buddy. Choose one, two or team up with three people to buy your house but always secure the arrangement with a co-buyers contract!


Co-owning a house is not as daunting as it sounds. It simply means that you can move into your OWN home rather than renting or living with your parents. You start to build your own asset base instead of paying off someone else’s.Home Addressed creates the opportunity for you to find your match. It is also a way for investors to meet or for those struggling with their mortgage to bring in a partner investor rather than turning their house over to the bank! Another option is sharing a holiday house; split expenses and enjoy your own getaway!

Follow a FEW SIMPLE STEPS and start your search.




How To Buy Your House With Half A Mortgage:

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