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Hot Tips

The Rising Price of Property

Hot Tips: May 16, 2013

Property on the rise again. It is wise not to stand on the sidelines but to jump in! Co-buy, get to it!


Sydney House Rents Push Renters To Units

Hot Tips: April 13, 2013

Renters all over the country are feeling the squeeze especially in Sydney, going from houses to units.


House Prices Set to Rise in 2013

Hot Tips: December 13, 2012

A warning by a AMP Chief Economist, Shane Oliver that properties are set to rise in 2013


Rent Rise Equals Capital Growth

Hot Tips: October 19, 2012

Rent rises are a big hint that capital growth in on the way. Take heed!


Is Home Ownership An Elusive Dream For Generation Rent?

Hot Tips: August 18, 2012

Is Home Ownership An Elusive Dream For Generation Rent? TIP: Co-buying can turn elusion into reality...


First Home Buyers Shrug Off Job Fears and Look to Buy Property

Hot Tips: May 27, 2012

First home buyers shrug off job fears and look to buy property


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