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Hot Tips

Buying a Property with a Friend

Hot Tips: November 15, 2013

One woman tells of her dream to stop renting and own her own house. She teams up with a friend to buy!


Team Up With Your Bestie!

Hot Tips: October 23, 2013

Do you have a best friend who shares and cares? Why not turn your bestie into your co-buying buddy?


First Home Owners and Co-buying Property

Hot Tips: September 19, 2013

First home buyers must acknowledge that co-buying offers them hope of property ownership!


The Property Contradiction of 2013

Hot Tips: August 23, 2013

If rates are so low, why are many still not able to break into the housing market???



Hot Tips: July 24, 2013

FHOG causing more problems than it's solving: A NSW perspective


The Rising Price of Property

Hot Tips: May 16, 2013

Property on the rise again. It is wise not to stand on the sidelines but to jump in! Co-buy, get to it!


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