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Hot Tips

How Savvy Are You As A First Home Buyer? Take the QUIZ and find out!

Hot Tips: May 30, 2016

Test your knowledge as a first home buyer and see how far you get. There's a special offer if you finish!


Tips On Buying Your First House: Video

Hot Tips: May 20, 2016

Some great tips for FHB. A video account of strategies that help you get ahead.


Singles Can Make Co-buying Work! Domain Article

Hot Tips: April 10, 2016

Co-buying, an understated stellar strategy that is a MUST for struggling FHB. Di Ferrara sings its praise


Buyer Advocacy Hot Tips

Hot Tips: April 01, 2016

Great 'must have' tips by Michelle and Wendy, buyer advocates



Hot Tips: March 18, 2016

What does a first home buyer do when million dollar properties are seen as the median price? OMG!


How To Negotiate Your Way To Saving Thousands of Dollars On Your First Property

Hot Tips: January 26, 2016

Knowing how to read between the lines and combining that with savvy negotiation skills can save you heaps


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